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I have been declined by Black Horse finance for a motorhome loan. I don’t understand why as my credit rating should be quite good and I always try to pay things back on time. I am in full time employment and take home about £1300 a month. I do have a couple of credit cards but they are not maxed out so I don’t think that’s why they said no. I have found a nice low mileage Peugeot motor home which is for sale locally to me and I wanted to borrow £11,500. Also what is the longest you could do this over as I have noticed on your website that you can do up to 10 years?

Hi Janet. Thanks for your email.

Black Horse finance can be quite fussy when it comes to motorhome loans so don’t let that upset you too much. We have helped a lot of people that Black Horse have turned down so I’m sure we can help you.

The maximum length of the loan depends on how old the motorhome is so we may not be able to arrange finance over 10 years but we’ll do our best to keep the monthly payments affordable for you.

You can complete our quick and easy online application form or give one of our advisors a call to discuss on 0800 066 2882.

For more information you can also CLICK HERE to view our motorhome finance page.

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