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Camper Van Finance in 2024: A Complete Guide for the UK Market

February 27, 2024

As we head further into 2024, the landscape of camper van finance in the UK is experiencing transformative changes. These include advancements in technology, a shift in consumer values towards sustainability, and evolving financial solutions. Altogether, these aspects are making camper van ownership more accessible.

Trend Description
Electric Camper Vans An increasing focus on sustainable travel with electric vans despite challenges like the UK’s charging network.
Smart Technology Integration Enhanced convenience, safety, and connectivity through smart systems in camper vans.
Compact and Versatile Designs A shift towards smaller, more manoeuvrable camper vans ideal for the UK’s diverse landscapes.
Younger Generations Driving Change A growing interest from millennials and Gen Z in camper van culture, valuing technology and eco-friendliness.
Eco-Friendly Innovations A surge in demand for green technologies and practices in camper van travel and finance.
Price Insights Insights into new and used camper van market prices and the impact of demand on cost.
Pegasus Finance Options The advantages of choosing Pegasus Finance for camper van purchases.

Electric Camper Vans: Charging Towards a Greener Future

The move towards electric vehicles (EVs) is reshaping the camper van market, with an increasing number of models offering electric drivetrains. These vehicles promise lower emissions and reduced running costs, aligning with the UK’s environmental goals. However, the expansion of the UK’s EV charging network remains critical to support this shift​​.

Our prediction for 2024 is an increase in the number of 100% electric camper vans. Further into the future, we see it not being too long before solar power becomes advanced enough to charge an engine battery! Although we’re still a way off this. Studies have shown that the panels on a roof of a typical van, like a Fiat Ducato, would produce on average 9kms range into the battery after a day’s worth of sun. And that’s without directing any electricity to the leisure battery or on-board camping appliances. Maybe one day?

Smart Technology: Enhancing the Journey

The integration of smart technology in camper vans offers UK travellers an added level of ease and comfort. From navigation systems that avoid congestion on the M25 to apps that control heating and lighting, technology is making camper vans smarter and journeys smoother​​.

Compact and Versatile Designs: Perfect for the UK

In the UK, where roads can range from wide motorways to narrow country lanes, the demand for compact and versatile camper vans is on the rise. These models offer easier handling and parking, making them ideal for exploring the UK’s varied landscapes, from the Scottish Highlands to the beaches of Cornwall​​.

The Rise of Younger Generations

Millennials and Gen Z are bringing new energy to the camper van scene, drawn by the appeal of adventure, flexibility, and the ability to work remotely. Their preferences are influencing market trends, with a greater emphasis on technology, sustainability, and community-driven experiences​​.

Eco-Friendly Innovations

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in life, let alone the camper van market. Features like solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable materials are becoming more common, reflecting a broader shift towards eco-conscious travel​​.

Understanding Costs

The cost of owning a camper van in the UK varies widely. New models can range from £50,000 to £120,000, while used vans offer a more budget-friendly alternative at £30,000 to £90,000. These prices are influenced by factors such as model, features, and market demand. With potential price fluctuations, informed financial planning is essential​​.

In addition, there are DIY campervan conversions by private individuals, or professional conversion companies. Second hand, these can be less expensive. However, they can come with their own risks. Take extra care when working with electrical items and installations for instance if you’re looking at an at-home DIY conversion. It’s always recommended to get a campervan conversion checked by a professional.

Financing Your Camper Van with Pegasus Finance

For those looking to finance their camper van purchase, Pegasus Finance offers competitive rates and flexible terms tailored to individual needs. Whether you’re eyeing a brand-new electric model or a classic van for weekend getaways, Pegasus Finance can help make your dream a reality. Options are detailed on our VW Campervan Finance page, with testimonials available at Customer Reviews.


The camper van market in the UK is evolving rapidly, with trends in 2024 pointing towards a future where technology, sustainability, and flexibility dominate. By understanding these trends and exploring financial options like those offered by Pegasus Finance, aspiring camper van owners can navigate the landscape with confidence, making informed decisions that align with their lifestyle and values.

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