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Specialist Car Finance

January 11, 2024

Specialist Car Finance

Key Points to Remember


As an experienced broker of specialist car finance in the UK, at Pegasus Finance we’re dedicated to meeting the specific needs of our clients who seek to finance high-value, luxury, or classic cars. Specialist car finance is more than just purchasing a vehicle; it’s about fulfilling a dream or making a savvy investment. This detailed guide aims to provide you with a clear understanding of specialist car finance, helping you make well-informed decisions throughout.

Understanding Specialist Car Finance

Specialist car finance is a customised financial solution for buying high-end, luxury, classic, or performance cars. It differs from standard car loans by focusing on unique client requirements, offering larger loan amounts, range of terms, and a tailored service. At Pegasus Finance, we’ve helped many customers to finance their dream, special car.

Features of Specialist Car Finance

  • Customised Solutions: Finance options designed to meet individual needs.
  • A Range of Terms: Multiple options from our wide panel of lenders.
  • Higher Loan Amounts: Suitable for financing high-value vehicles.
  • Personalised Service: Dedicated account managers and tailored advice.

Options in Specialist Car Finance

When selecting finance for your dream car, various options are available:

Hire Purchase (HP):

  • Description: Pay in instalments and option to own the car at the end of the term.
  • Suitability: Ideal for those who wish to own the car outright.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP):

  • Description: Lower monthly payments with a balloon payment at the end.
  • Suitability: Best for those who prefer flexibility at the end of the contract.

Lease Purchase:

  • Description: Similar to Hire Purchase, except payments are structured like a lease agreement. Instead of a deposit, customers may be required to make advance payments.
  • Suitability: Good for those without a large deposit. Ideal for non-VAT customers who want to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement and all payments made.

Refinancing Options:

  • Description: Refinance an existing vehicle to release cash.
  • Suitability: Perfect for those needing liquidity without selling their car.

Finance Options

Finance Type Ownership Monthly Payment End of Term
HP Yes Higher Own the car
PCP Optional Lower Balloon Payment, Return the Car, or Start A Fresh PCP On A New Car
Lease Purchase Yes Moderate Balloon Payment
Refinancing N/A Varies N/A

Eligibility and Application Process

To qualify for specialist car finance, applicants usually need to meet specific criteria:

  • Age: At least 20 years old.
  • Residency: Must be living in the UK.
  • Income: A stable source of income.
  • Credit History: A good credit score is preferred, but there are options for various scores.

Application Steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your needs and options.
  2. Approval Process: Undergo credit checks and approval.
  3. Document Submission: Provide necessary financial documents.
  4. Agreement Finalisation: Sign the finance agreement.
  5. Vehicle Acquisition: Proceed with your car purchase.

Benefits of Specialist Car Finance

  • Access to High-Value Vehicles: Finance options for luxury and classic cars.
  • Flexible Repayment: Tailored to your financial situation.
  • Expert Advice: Professional guidance from specialist brokers.
  • Credit Score Improvement: An opportunity to enhance your credit rating.

Considerations Before Applying

  • Affordability: Ensure the monthly payments are manageable.
  • Long-Term Financial Planning: Consider the impact on your future finances.
  • Vehicle Depreciation: Understand how depreciation affects your investment.


Specialist car finance is more than a mere loan; it’s the key to acquiring your dream car. Whether it’s a luxury, classic, or performance vehicle, being well-informed about your options is crucial. With customised solutions, expert guidance, and a range of terms, specialist car finance can make your dream a reality.

Remember, every journey begins with a single step. If you’re contemplating specialist car finance, start by evaluating your needs, exploring the available options, and consulting a professional who can assist you through the process. Our friendly team of brokers can help you every step of the way. Your dream car is within reach!

Specialist Car Finance

Specialist Car Finance

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