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Alexanders Horseboxes

Alexanders HorseboxesOwning your own horsebox offers a lot of freedom. Whether you’re breaking away from your surroundings or attending a race or equestrian show, having a horsebox of your own presents a range of options. Another added benefit is that your horse will get as familiar with their horsebox as they are with their stable, making transportation less stressful and infinitely simpler. This is why more and more horse owners choose to buy a horsebox of their own every year.

If you’re considering buying a brand new horsebox or looking to save some money on a lovely pre-owned horsebox, look no further than the illustrious Alexanders Horseboxes range.

Alexanders Horseboxes for sale

Alexanders specialises in the smaller horsebox segment and has a huge range of 3.5 tonne horseboxes perfect for the casual horse owner. Their entry level model is the 3.5 tonne horsebox ‘York’, which provides room for a single horse or pony, including all the gear you’d need for your daily activities – and still leaves enough room for a small sitting and changing area in the back.

At the top of the Alexanders Horseboxes range we find the ‘Goodwood’. These superb 7.5 tonne horseboxes can stable two horses and sleep three persons, making it a perfect vehicle for horse-riding families. It comes with a small living area, kitchen and bathroom, creating a lovely home for horse and rider on the road. All living areas are handcrafted according to the owner’s wishes, so you’re guaranteed a 7.5 tonne horsebox that’s tailored to your needs.

Between the entry-level York and the top of the line Goodwood, there are plenty of other options available. And since the horseboxes made by Alexanders are made to last, buying a pre-owned horsebox can be amazing value for money too.

If you’re looking to buy one of these superb horseboxes but are worried about finding the funds, Pegasus Finance can help. We specialise in affordable horsebox finance and can guide you through the buying process – simply fill out our online application form to get started and we’ll contact you within 60 minutes. Start your application today and you’ll be the proud owner of an Alexanders horsebox before you know it.

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