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I have been declined by Black Horse finance for a motorhome loan. I don’t understand why as my credit rating should be quite good and I always try to pay things back on time. I am in full time employment and take home about £1300 a month. I do have a couple of credit cards but they are not maxed out so I don’t think that’s why they said no. I have found a nice low mileage Peugeot motor home which is for sale locally to me and I wanted to borrow £11,500. Also what is the longest you could do this over as I have noticed on your website that you can do up to 10 years?

17 July, 2023

Hi Janet. Thanks for your email. Black Horse finance can be quite fussy when it comes to motorhome loans so don’t let that upset you too much. We have helped a lot of people that Black Horse have turned down so I’m […]

Are motorhomes expensive to insure? I want to buy a motorhome but need to know the running costs. How much is motorhome insurance on average?

17 July, 2023

Hi. As with cars, motorhome insurance prices are dependent on factors like age and driving experience  – but over time, owning your own motorhome will work out cheaper than hiring one. Costs can start from as little as £200 and […]

I’m looking to buy a motorhome but I’d like to know a few things. Is a motorhome a good investment and do motorhomes hold their value for when I sell it?

14 July, 2023

Hi, this is a great question. Motorhomes can be great investments if you buy and sell at the right time. You should buy at the end of the touring season, when prices are likely to be at their lowest, and […]

What is the best way to pay for a motorhome?

What Is The Best Way To Pay For A Motorhome?

13 July, 2023

The best way to pay for a motorhome depends on a variety of things. These include your personal circumstances and if you have a vehicle to part exchange for example. Most people find the combination of a deposit and finance […]

What Is The Longest You Can Finance A Motorhome?

11 May, 2023

Unlocking Endless Adventures; Exploring Long-Term Motorhome Financing with Pegasus Finance Embarking on a motorhome adventure is an enticing prospect. It allows you to wander freely and explore the great unknown. But what about the financial side? How long can you […]

Can you finance a motorhome over 10 years?

Can You Finance A Motorhome Over 10 Years?

28 April, 2023

Financing a motorhome can be a practical solution. A motorhome investment can be a large one, finance can make this affordable. But can you finance a motorhome over 10 years? At Pegasus Finance, we understand that this is one of […]

How much deposit do you need for a motorhome?

How Much Deposit Do You Really Need to Finance Your Dream Motorhome?

24 April, 2023

How Much Deposit Do You Really Need to Finance Your Dream Motorhome? Wondering how much deposit you need for a motorhome? Well, the answer isn’t a simple one. The amount of deposit required can vary. It depends on a few […]

I’m thinking about buying a horsebox but I was wondering if you could tell me, is a horsebox a commercial vehicle?

18 June, 2015

Hi there, that’s a great question. A horsebox is considered to be a commercial vehicle if it’s used for transporting horses for businesses purposes. If your vehicle is over 3.5 tonnes and financial reward is gained from the use of […]

I was wondering, how much is horsebox tax? Does it depend on size or is it a standard amount?

18 June, 2015

Hi! We’ve had lots of people asking us the question ‘how much is road tax for a horsebox?’ – and you’re right, it’s different for every horsebox. Anything under 3.5 tonnes is classed as light goods, while vehicles over 3.5 […]

I have been looking at motorhomes and you may think I’m mad but I have found one I want to buy and it is £76,000. It is a 2014 top of the range Fiat Auto-trail Comanche model and having spoken to the dealer they are prepared to accept £68,000 as it is a quiet time of the year. It is obviously quite a lot of money and I will therefore need some kind of motorhome finance so that I can buy it. I have spoken to the dealer about borrowing £50,000 and they say that the longest period they can do this over is 5 years which means the monthly payment is coming out at around £1100. This is just about affordable but it would be better if it was nearer £750 a month. Are you able to arrange motorhome finance over a longer period, say 10 years?

5 January, 2014

Hi Nancy and thanks for your email and the pictures you sent us. I must say it does look very nice and I can see why you like it. Yes we should be able to help you with motorhome finance […]