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Will My Car Tow A Caravan?

April 5, 2013

Towing caravanFinding the balance – It’s stating the obvious to say that the heavier the car and the lighter the caravan, the safer you’ll be. If you are trying to work out whether your everyday hatchback is capable of towing a caravan, there is a basic rule.

It is recommended that the weight of the caravan, complete with it’s contents, should not exceed 85% of the car’s unloaded weight.

This is an easy rule to follow if you know the weight of your car and the weight of the caravan…..easier said than done.

Many car handbooks show the vehicle’s net weight and/or the maximum towing weight. Be aware that the maximum weight he car can tow is a measure of it’s power and not a guide to outfit stability and safety.

There is no legal weight ratio requirement but the law requires that caravans, their towing vehicles and the loads they carry must not cause danger or nuisance to other road users.

All caravans push down on the tow bar of the car, this is known as the ‘noseweight’. The optimum noseweight should be around 7% of the total laden weight of the caravan.

Even with a well-balanced caravan, the back of the towing car will tend to drop once attached. Older cars may tend to struggle more than more modern vehicles which often have variable suspension settings.

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