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The Travel Tech Debate, Part 2: Wild Camping for Purists

August 26, 2014

Last week, we dove into the age-old travel debate: to integrate or not to integrate? For motorhomers, today’s tech offers up an array of life-saving solutions – with the potential to simplify, streamline and even spice up the travel experience beyond what was once imaginable.

This time, we’ll be looking at the other side of the coin – wild camping. Sure, technology offers answers and innovations – but are these just solutions to problems we didn’t have in the first place? For the purists of the motorhoming sphere, we’re kicking it old-school this week. So what’s so great about retro travel, and how can it possibly beat the integrated digital experience?


  • Retro kit: maps, compasses and pure instinct
  • Personal achievement: travelling DIY style
  • Local culture: enjoying local recommendations and insights
  • Exploration & adventure: the sense of sheer risk and reward


Wild Camping: Anti-Travel Technology

Image by Alexander Synaptic

Retro Kit

If you’re a purist, you’ll appreciate the lure of traditional travel gear versus the power of 21st century tech solutions. While today’s travel apps undoubtedly remove some of the pesky complications associated with motorhoming, the nostalgia of a good old paper map is a feeling you just can’t beat – with the allure of this ancient apparatus far outstripping the benefits of travel tech. The sense of reward associated with using a traditional compass rather than a smartphone counterpart is a feeling you can’t put a price on – and knowing you’ve gotten from A to B thanks to your own initiative and instinct is a gift indeed.

Personal Achievement

Technology may solve a number of modern society’s problems, but there’s nothing like the smugness that comes with knowing you’ve accomplished what technology was created to achieve. Whether it’s navigating your way to a home, handpicking scenic spots or identifying unique local delights – doing it the old-fashioned way is often the most rewarding. Technology may have a lot working in its favour, but it certainly doesn’t provide the same level of personal rewards as its traditional counterpart.

Local Culture

Technology offers travellers the chance to cut as many corners as possible, getting straight to their destination’s hot spots and cherry picking the attractions when they get there. What it lacks, however, is the ability to offer a truly local experience – and that’s something you can only find by travelling DIY style. The beauty and diversity of local cultures, complete with culinary oddities and authentic atmosphere, is the highlight of any holiday – and by discovering these worlds and communities for yourself, you can guarantee a trip that holds some powerful and rewarding memories. Its time to put down your smartphone and get talking to the locals!

Exploration & Adventure

Travel tech makes our lives easier – and that’s precisely its purpose. The problem, though, lies in how depressingly easy mobile access makes the travel experience – when, in fact, we’d much rather get lost and make some questionable accommodation choices in pursuit of adventure. As motorhomers, you’ll more than appreciate the thrill of travelling the authentic way, without the crutch of technology to make decisions simpler and trips more streamlined. Instead, what we want is to traverse dusty roads and stumble upon remote corners of the Earth that no nifty travel app yet knows about. Travellers are adventurers by nature – and whatever travel tech may teach us, tech-integrated travellers can never know adventure in its purest form.

Happy travels! Now go and get yourself lost.

Wild Camping: Anti-Travel Technology

Image by Tori Atkinson

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