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Twin Axle Caravans: The Big Three

December 10, 2014

Whether you’re new to caravanning or have been towing vans for years, a twin axle caravan could be just what you need. Twin axle caravans have more than a few assets to their name, tending to be roomier and much steadier on the road than their single axle counterparts – the latter of which could be a big plus if you’re a newbie to the world of driving with a tow. Although a twin axle is usually impossible to manoeuvre by hand, they tend to be easier to reverse into place because of their slow turning circle. And you better believe there are plenty of brands and models to choose from – so in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at our 3 favourite twin axle caravans: the Sprite Quattro EW, the Eterniti Genesis IB-4 and the Airstream International 684.

Sprite Quattro EW

We instantly fell in love with the Sprite Quattro EW, and that was before we had seen its low, low price. A large L-shaped lounge that turns into a huge double bed and a very spacious bathroom are its two most distinguishing features. Clearly aimed at large families, this six berth twin axle caravan starts at the low price of £15,260. On top of its seriously satisfying price tag, the Sprite Quattro EW is a lightweight in the twin axle category, keeping fuel costs low.

Eterniti Genesis IB-4

If it’s comfort you want, we’d recommend the Eterniti Genesis IB-4. This is one of the few caravans that boasts an island double bed, allowing easy access for both sleepers. This is thanks to their use of an American style slide out system – meaning that, when the caravan is stationary, you can slide its walls outward, extending the space inside. On top of that, the Eterniti Genisis IB-4 is a foot longer than most twin axle caravans – so expect plenty of space. Buyers should note, however, that Eterniti Caravans went into administration in March 2014 and there are currently no new vans being produced – so grab yours while you can. The entry price for an Eterniti Genisis IB-4 is £24,999.

Airstream International 684

And if you want luxury, the Airstream International 684 is where it is at. There’s just one word that describes this twin axle caravan: posh. Its aluminium curves and tinted windows will turn more than a few heads, and the inside is no different – with real wood surfaces accentuated by high quality fixtures and colourful fabrics. The caravan comes with a wealth of optional features too, so you can pick and choose to perfection. Luxury comes at a price, though – with the International 684 starting from a comparatively hefty £58,980. And you’ll need a big car too tow it, too.

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