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The Travel Tech Debate, Part 1: Mobile Solutions for Mobile Homes

August 22, 2014

Technology is the backbone of 21st century society, offering a host of life-changing solutions while facing the inevitable backlash. Technological solutions help us to streamline our day to day lives, find answers to age-old problems and stay connected wherever we are – even while we’re on the road. Motorhomers have a lot to gain from using the cutting-edge tech available today – but the debate rages on as to whether technology proves an asset or a hindrance to the open road experience.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be digging deep to find out just what technological advancements have to offer motorhomers – and if any number of gadgets, tools and apps can compete with good old-fashioned exploration. This time we’ll be looking at the range of tech available to motorhome and caravan lovers – and how it’s revolutionised travel forever.

Travel Technology for Mobile Motorhomes


  • Localscope Travel App – explore your location anywhere on Earth!
  • The Beauty of Bluetooth – connect to a wide range of devices
  • Specialised Motorhome Sat-Navs – travel efficiently and in style
  • Weatherproof Wi-Fi – stay connected to the world
  • Safety Technology –  lowers insurance premiums!


Localscope Travel App

Localscope has been named one of the best travel apps out there – and it’s not hard to see why. Using data from 20 different sources from multiple search engines and social networks, you can explore your surroundings like never before – so no matter where you are in the world with your motorhome, Localscope gives you an informed virtual briefing of your location. You can browse search results from an extensive list, featuring real-time direction pointers and distance meters – alongside state-of-the-art 2D and 3D maps that can push out notifications on arrival of a new location. With access to ratings, check-ins and reviews, this app has taken the gruelling decision-making process out of finding somewhere to stay.

The Beauty of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is by no means a breakthrough technology at this point – but certainly has yet to unleash its full potential for the motorhoming world. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect up to a diverse range of devices within your motorhome, such as smartphones, computers, laptops, printers, MP3 devices, speakers and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You’ll be able to access your music while on the road, as well as radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks – with everything you’d ever need to stay occupied.It’s also wireless, cheap and automatic with low interference and low energy – what more could you want?

Specialised Motorhome Sat-Navs

A normal sat-nav will get you from A to B with no issues – but if you want to travel in style, improve fuel efficiency and shorten the time you spend on the road, you need to get a specialist motorhome sat-nav. Sat-navs from leading brands such as TomTom and Garmin are fitted with cutting-edge technology designed with motorhomers in mind. They offer useful features such as large screens, personalised height, width and weight restrictions, European mapping, campsite advice and up-to-the-minute traffic news. They’re pricier than their standard counterparts, but this is a worthwhile investment if there ever was one.

Weatherproof Wi-Fi

Some may think that installing Wi-Fi in your motorhome defeats the purpose of going away, but it unarguably has its uses. Even when you’re travelling through remote areas and undesirable weather condition, weatherproof Wi-Fi enables you to connect to the internet via smartphones, laptops and tablets – keeping you connected to the rest of the world on your travels. Of course, road trips are about experiencing diverse locations and cultures – but when the weather’s playing rough, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little TV in the warmth of your motorhome – and Wi-Fi can see to that.

Safety Technology

Radar technology only continues to evolve, with the latest generations detecting vehicles or pedestrians during a reverse – and it even fills you in on any traffic changes, alerting you to queues ahead or vehicles slowing down. Motorhomes can be fitted with CCTV technology with high resolution side-view cameras to aid the driver when reversing. Using these kinds of safety technology also helps to keep insurance premiums at a minimum – and you can’t argue with benefits like that.

There are many perks that come with an integrated motorhome, helping you to get the most out of your adventures. And if you’re looking for your next motorhome, Pegasus Finance can help. We’re specialists in motorhome finance – and we’ll make sure you get the best deal available, whatever your circumstances. Already got a price in mind? Try our quick and easy motorhome finance calculator for an instant quote.

Travel Technology for Mobile Motorhomes

We’ll see you next week for part 2, where we’ll be looking at old-school travel traditions – and what makes them so special for the motorhoming purists of the world.

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