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Top Tips To Selling Your Horsebox

April 9, 2013

Sell-your-horseboxAre you trying to sell your horsebox?

Having difficulty finding a suitable buyer?

Are you about to lose out on your own purchase? Follow these simple tips to attract more buyers and sell your horsebox at it’s highest price.

  1. Take clear photos – Initial impressions are important. Most sellers tend to insert photos of some sort into their advertisements but these are often poorly executed.
    1. Ensure the horsebox is clean
    2. Position it so it show an attractive background. If this means driving it down the road, do so!
    3. Try to have the sun behind you as you take photos
    4. Use as many photos as permitted by the advertiser. Show off the interior of the cab and stalls along with the outside of the horsebox.
    5. If there is any damage, show it clearly and mention it in the listing. This will show a level of honesty and instill confidence in potential buyers.
    6. If the listing allows you to show video, make the effort, you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  2. Write clear inspiring content – You are trying to sell this horsebox, write about it honestly but with enthusiasm to stimulate desire. Be descriptive but to the point, highlighting the key features of the horsebox. Include mention of any service history if appropriate.
  3. New MOT or Plating– Give the buyer confidence in your horsebox by renewing it’s MOT or plating. If you have less than six months remaining it would be well worth while completing a new test.

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    Good example of photo

How not to sell your horsebox

How not to sell your horsebox

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