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Top Motorhome Safety Tips

June 13, 2014

Whether it’s a weekend in the Lake District or a grand tour of the Scottish Highlands, when it comes to holidaying in your motorhome, you want to relax, have fun and explore. Safety is probably pretty low on your list of priorities – but accidents do happen, and could potentially have serious consequences. But with our essential motorhome safety tips and a little preparation, you’re guaranteed to keep you and your family and friends safe and sound on your next trip.

Motorhome safety crash test

Plan For the Weather

Motorhomes generally aren’t the most streamlined of vehicles, as their boxy shape and high sides can make them vulnerable to overturning in high winds. Many people will have seen the consequences of this, with lorries regularly overturning on the motorway in windy conditions, with potentially tragic results. Use your common sense and avoid driving during extreme weather conditions. If you must travel during inclement weather, slow down and take extra care driving through exposed windy areas, such as bridges.

Watch Your Blind Spot

A motorhome is likely to be much larger than your regular car, but once you get used to it, it can be tempting to drive it as you would a car. Drivers must remain aware of the size of their vehicle, especially when navigating around cyclists and pedestrians. Motorhomes have a much larger blind spot than cars – so you should give pedestrians and cyclists an extra wide berth when passing by. Remember that the size of a motorhome can cause wind buffeting, which could potentially knock a cyclist off their bike at high speeds – so slow down as you overtake.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure checks are, unfortunately, regularly neglected by drivers. Checking and correcting tyre pressure should be part of the regular maintenance of any vehicle, so always check your tyres before any long journey. When your tyres are at the correct pressure, you will have the maximum amount of grip on the road as the tyre makes even contact with the ground – improving safety. Fuel thirsty motorhomes in particular can stand to benefit from correctly inflated tyres, as this reduces rolling resistance, meaning you will use less fuel on long journeys. If you’re not sure how to check your tyres or need more information, check out this handy guide all about tyres.

Lock Down

When you’re on the road, everything movable in your motorhome should be securely fastened down. You can buy aftermarket straps and latches if the ones on your motorhome aren’t sufficient. In the unlikely event of an accident, flying debris can present a major hazard. Double check your motorhome’s gas bottle is firmly switched off before any journey.

Alter Your Driving Style

Remember, you’re not driving a car – and no matter how confident you are driving your motorhome, safety comes first. There are rules in place which restrict the speed limit of large vehicles, but these vary depending on the weight and size of your motorhome. When it comes to cornering, wide and slow is the way to go. Approach corners from a wider angle to avoid bumping into the curb or any other obstructions, checking your mirrors as you turn. Motorhomes are heavy and can easily become unstable during sharp braking – so ensure you slow down in plenty of time, using your gears and gently applying the brakes.

motorhome safety tips pegasus finance

Check Your Insurance

It’s essential that you read the small print of your motorhome insurance in order to make sure you’re full covered. Many motorhomes are custom-made by small manufacturers, and repairs can be very expensive. Fully comprehensive insurance will give you the peace of mind to relax on the road.


It’s unfortunate, but security can be an issue on campsites. However, a common sense approach and taking a few easy steps to secure your campervan can be enough to deter potential thieves. There is generally little need to take valuables on the road – but if you must, keep them out of sight. Make sure that no valuables are visible from the windows of your motorhome. If you need to leave anything in your motorhome while you go out, ensure they are hidden in a lockable stowage, preferably in a discreet location.

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