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The Motorhome Mindset: Living on the Road & Loving It

August 11, 2014

The motorhoming lifestyle has a lot of wonderful perks and motorhomers thrive on the spontaneity and freedom that the lifestyle provides. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re considering taking the plunge and buying that first motorhome! But if you still need convincing to get on the road and experience the motorhome life for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

So what’s all the fuss about?

  • Home away from home – no bills or unpacking required
  • Escapism – the freedom to go anywhere, anytime
  • Additional perks – your leisure time can now involve gyms and jacuzzis!

Motorhome lifestyle

Home away from home:

With motorhome travel, it’s as much about the journey as experiencing the end destination. Travel is best done comfortably, and motorhomes provide you with the luxury of having just about everything a house provides. It’s your home away from home, with the bonus of having very little unpacking to do. You don’t pay council tax, heating bills, gas bills or water bills – so it’s no wonder that so many motorhomers live on the road permanently! The motorhoming lifestyle feels like you’re on one extended holiday and, unlike taking up residence in a house, a full-time motorhomer doesn’t need to worry about leaving their property behind – everything goes with them.


With motorhoming, you have the flexibility and freedom to go wherever you please, be it hilly Scotland, the sunny Pyrenees or even the southern shores of France. It’s escapism in its purest form, where you can experience new places whenever you want with no constraints. Let’s be honest – the British weather is temperamental at best, and this way you can head for warmer climates when the mood strikes you. It’s this total travelling freedom that makes the motorhome lifestyle so appealing. And there’s even the bonus of being able to escape undesirable conditions quickly – in the event of a flooding, just get your foot on the gas and away you go!

Motorhome interior

Additional perks:

Many campsites provide you with niceties such as gyms, jacuzzis, evening entertainment and, in certain areas, some campsites will even let you to park there free of charge! And what’s more, pet owners don’t need to leave their pets in a kennel – just bring them on-board with you. Many static caravans don’t allow you to bring pets on-board, but as you own the motorhome outright, that decision is entirely up to you.

The motorhoming lifestyle has so many benefits that you will fall in love with it. If you’re ready to embrace the motorhoming lifestyle, take your first step with Pegasus Finance. We specialise in motorhome financing and work with dealers and lenders to find you the very best deal available, whatever your circumstances. Already got a price in mind? Try our quick and easy motorhome finance calculator for an instant quote.

Happy travels!

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