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Very Volkswagen: the Best VW Camper Vans Ever

November 24, 2014

We said it before: there are no camper vans as iconic or recognisable as VW camper vans. Their rounded edges, boxy look and big windows were just some of the features that made these small camper vans instantly popular with the holiday goers of the swinging sixties. And with the retro revival showing no signs of stopping, the popularity of this little van is still on the rise half a century later.

Ever since the first VW camper vans rolled off the factory floor in 1950, it’s been produced almost constantly. It comes as no surprise, then, that drivers looking to relive the glory days have several models to choose from. And today we’re taking a look at our favourite three VW camper vans of all time. After, that, we’ll give you the information you need to buy your own iconic camper on finance!

But first things first: the top three.

The Original: The VW Type 2

There’s no other camper on the planet that conjures romantic holiday nostalgia like the classic VW Type 2 Camper van. Who wouldn’t want to fill a scrapbook with holiday pictures of the little breadloaf?  This cheeky little van has proven its flexibility over and over again – and if you browse for used camper vans, you’ll find Type 2’s transformed in any number of ways. From ice-cream trucks to ambulances to mobile butcher shops, the VW Type 2 has done it all. Its uncomplicated design makes replacing parts simple, and spare parts are usually readily available. Rust is an issue with these vans, but also makes it a very popular project vehicle.

The Update: The T4

Original image by Stephan Herz

Original image by Stephan Herz

When the T4 was first introduced in 1990, VW took a risk. Would the fans of the rear engine Type 2 accept a new VW camper van with a front engine? Sure enough, the original reception of the van was pretty cold – but over the last 20 years, the VW Transporter Type 4 has amassed a large and very dedicated fan base. While just as versatile as the Type 2, the T4 boasts a few additional tricks at its disposal (including front wheel drive and monocoque production) – making the van a popular choice among tradesmen… and campers!

The VW California

Surprised to find the California in our top 3? You might be, because it’s best known as a multipurpose utility vehicle. Since it’s based on the Type 5 VW transporter, however, the VW California can also be kitted with bedding and even a kitchen – including a sink, fridge and two gas burners. It’s a popular choice among campers and day trippers, and you’ll often see these popular vans parked at race-tracks and festivals. If you want the space and flexibility of the VW transporter with a more contemporary aesthetic, give the gorgeous VW California a try.

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