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The 3 Reasons You've Always Wanted a VW Camper Van

July 16, 2014

The VW camper van is arguably the most iconic hunk of metal to ever sit atop a pair of wheels. This pop culture figure in its own right has seen quite a metamorphosis during over 60 years of mass production – and while features and fittings may change with the times, the VW camper has retained a timeless cool factor that will long outlive its production timeline.

If you’re a full-time motorhomer looking to add some vintage class to your adventures, or an aspiring traveller ready to embrace life on the road, a VW camper van is the only way to go. And just in case you still aren’t convinced, here are a few very good reasons that the VW van is and may always be the driver’s universal dream.

3 Reasons You've Always Wanted a VW Camper Van

A-List Owners

Having long ago reached A-list status in the motoring world, it’s no surprise that the VW camper van has been in high demand for decades – including amongst top-ranking celebrities across the globe. Celebrity VW van owners include living legends Robbie Williams, Ewan McGregor and Richard Hammond to name a few.

Revolutionary rock n’ roll band the Who had a serious case of VW love, with Roger Daltrey making the news in back in 2008 when he offered competition entrants the chance to win the Who’s Magic Bus in collaboration with the Teenage Cancer Trust. And the same year, Pete Townshend sold his own long-time companion camper in favour of VW’s newer Transporter Sportline model. Jim Carrey spent a chunk of his childhood in this archetypal camper van, and even the infamous Charles Manson sported a black VW van in the early days – making this vehicle one with a hell of a history.

The Origin Story

Known officially as the Volkswagen Type 2, the original VW camper is more than just a pretty face. An irrepressible symbol of 70s counterculture, this iconic vehicle’s 60 year timeline began in 1949, when the first ever VW van was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in November – following a then-outlandish concept vehicle designed by Dutch importer Ben Pon, reminiscent of a box on wheels.

3 Reasons You've Always Wanted a VW Camper Van

With its rear engine and boxy body, the Type 2 provided an ideal combo of simplicity and sturdiness – flexible and affordable enough to fill a significant and highly lucrative gap in the motoring market. Over the first 5 years, VW turned out a massive 90 different body combos, including buses, ambulances and ice-cream trucks – in addition to the classic and much-loved camper van. With the introduction of VW’s split-screen buses and, later, bay window generations, the VW camper vans have seen a multitude of practical and aesthetic redesigns over the years – all the while retaining their status as the ultimate in neo-retro travel.

Bohemian Living

The allure of travelling full-time is one of the VW’s greatest assets – not least the total liberation that comes with taking your life and all of your worldly possessions on the road. This is one hefty commitment to make, but one that guarantees freedom, adventure and a taste of the glorious cultural spectrum the world has to offer. Motorhoming in your own VW camper van offers limitless possibilities, with any destination at your proverbial fingertips and one famously reliable companion to get you there.

And no driver can deny that their ride of choice reflects their identity, an expression of their inner self to take with them on their travels. The VW camper van is arguably the most stylish and iconic machine in automotive history, steeped in vintage nostalgia and brimming with bohemian loveliness. This is a vehicle with the perfect balance of mainstream appeal and cult value – and this is the kind of popularity you really can’t fight.

3 Reasons You've Always Wanted a VW Camper Van

If you’re ready to take the leap and start your own VW adventure, Pegasus Finance can help. We’re experts in VW camper van finance – and we can get this show on the road whatever your budget. For your own slice of classic bohemia and premium motoring, apply now – or check out our motorhome finance calculator to find your rate.

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