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Review: Wellhouse Ford Terrier

March 16, 2015

Using the Transit Custom as the basis for designing their Wellhouse Terrier was a stroke of genius on Ford’s part. A multifunctional medium-sized van, the Transit Custom helps create a slickly styled vehicle. With far less noise than previous campers of this style and suitable for a family of four, we can see why you’d want to get your hands on one for yourself – and in today’s Wellhouse Terrier review, we’ll take a look at everything this cracking camper has to offer.

Wellhouse Ford Terrier

Original image by Wellhouse Ford


Although this Wellhouse Leisure model retains some of the fundamental features of previous designs, its array of new equipment does not disappoint. With the standard dashboard and stereo, you’d be forgiven for thinking Ford have been lax in the upgrade department. In fact, the opposite is true. With driver and passenger seats that turn easily to face into the cabin, this model is all about making life on the road as simple as possible. The extendable roof means plenty of space, offering passengers the option to walk around. The sliding seats are also designed to maximise space if required.

Wellhouse campers always deliver – and with this Ford Terrier, customisation is the name of the game. This is particularly evident with the sliding rear seating. If legroom is your main concern, the seats can be adjusted to allow maximum movement. If you’re more concerned with storage, however, the seats easily slide away to provide more access to the rear of the camper van.


Wellhouse Ford Terrier interior

Original image by Wellhouse Ford

For those who love outdoor living, the Wellhouse Ford Terrier is guaranteed to please. Almost every area of the interior is optimised for space, which is great for those wanting to make the most out of the camper’s interior.

The spectrum of interior features includes USB sockets, kitchen sink, fridge and plenty of battery to last at least a few days in the great outdoors. While the benched seating folds out into a comfortable double bed, there is also an optional second bed tucked away in the elevating roof. The real beauty of the interior is despite the ample storage in the drawers and cupboards, space is not compromised.


Starting at £39,500, this Wellhouse camper is a must-have for those who love life in the open air. Allowing you to pack up and hit the road at a moment’s notice, we can see why you’d want to get your hands on this clever camper van.

Wellhouse Ford Terrier back

Original image by Wellhouse Ford

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