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Review: The Tribute 669 Motorhome

December 22, 2014

‘Bigger on the inside’ is a term often used to describe motorhomes. We won’t be using it in our review of the Tribute 669, however, because it’s just as big on the inside as you’d expect it to be. The phrase we expect most people to utter upon viewing Tribute motorhomes is ‘how did they fit all this in here?’ and this high top van conversion’s incredible design really uses its space to full effect. The Tribute 669 sleeps four – and to top it all off, there’s a delightfully low price tag guaranteed to take any motorhomer’s fancy. Find out more in today’s Tribute 669 review.


The designers at Tribute Motorhomes managed to fit a kitchenette, a kitchen, a bathroom and a double bunk berth into a commercial high top van. So how did they do it? A touch of design genius and lots of space economy. The driver and passenger seats swivel around to join the half kitchenette to create seats for four – while the amidships kitchen extends past the sliding door, leaving enough space to enter but using a part of the entryway for work surfaces. In the bathroom across from the kitchen, the sink slides neatly out of the way when not in use. The dual berth at the back can be folded back in several different ways to provide ample storage space (so taking your bikes will be no problem) – and because the mattresses aren’t used for daytime seating, the berth remains exceptionally comfortable.


The van’s 130bhp is thanks to its six speed gearbox and Fiat’s punchy 2.3 litre engine. Despite their height, Tribute motorhomes stay unshakably steady on the road, even at top speed – with the possible exception of a slight wobble when you’re hit on the side by wind. Oh, and the van’s fuel supply also powers the heating and hot water through Webasto’s Dual Top Unit, which is undeniably nifty.


Let’s talk numbers – mainly because this is a major selling point for the Tribute 669. You can get your hands on one of these gorgeous Tribute motorhomes for the staggeringly low price of £34,995. And while that’s just the entry level price, you’ll be pleased to know that in this instance ‘entry level’ translates as all boxes checked. But if you can justify paying a little more on top, there’s the option to add two extra berths to the van, changing it from a two to a four sleeper, for only £295 without your wallet ever needing to break a sweat.

In this price range, nothing comes close to the Tribute 669. Whether you’re day tripping or off on an open-ended adventure, Tribute Motorhomes have you covered – and if you need some help finding the funds, Pegasus Finance can help. Our dedicated team of advisors specialise in motorhome finance – so check out our dedicated motorhome finance page to see how we can help you, or try our online finance calculator for an instant quote.

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