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Review: The Coachman Pastiche

December 15, 2014

There are few British caravan manufacturers whose designs are as instantly recognisable as Coachman caravans. Their caravans have been towed behind British cars for almost thirty years now and the brand is now synonymous with high quality designs and exceptionally well put-together caravans. Although they sit at the higher end of the caravan spectrum, their sturdy caravans are built to last with a generally high resale value.

Right in the middle of the Coachman range we find the Coachman Pastiche, a particularly practical offering aimed at families. The Pastiche comes in six distinctive designs (one 2 berth and five 4 berth caravans) – and in today’s review, we’re going to look at what makes each one so uniquely wonderful.

So what’s new?

For the 2014 caravanning year, Coachman has spruced up the Pastiche range with a set of brand new Vortex graphite high-power silver alloy road wheels, a new combi-boiler with a programmable timer system for hot water and heating, a 113 litre Thetford fridge and an omni-directional high-gain aerial. New soft furnishings and a slight tweak to the design rounds things off for the new Coachman Pastiche. Let’s take a look at the options.

Coachman Pastiche 460/2

We’ll start off with the only 2 berth in the range: the 460/2. With a lounge that transforms into the berths at the front, a kitchen in the middle and a washroom at the back, the design is tried and tested for comfort. What is fairly rare, however, is the round shower stall and the kitchen that uses both sides of the caravan. Its entry price is £20,245.

Coachman Pastiche 520/4

The cheapest of the 4 berths is the 520/4. Both the front lounge and the amidships kitchenette transform into berths. At the back of the caravan, we find a bathroom that is similar to the 260/2, including the circular shower stall. The kitchenette also supplements the working surface for the kitchen. The entry price is £21,795.

Coachman Pastiche 525/4

A parallel lounge in the front, kitchen in the middle and two bunks and a washroom in the backside corners make the 525/4 one incredibly kitted-out caravan. The kitchen consists of two parallel L-shaped units, housing the fridge on one side and the stove and sink on the other. The bunks can be cordoned off to also serve as a changing room if you’re looking for a little more – and the 525/4 starts at £21,995.

Coachman Pastiche 545/4

The greatest selling point of the 545/4 is the separate washroom and toilet. The toilet and sink are located on the nearside of the back – and the shower cubicle is on the offside, next to the bed. As with previous models, we’ve still got the lounge at the front and the kitchen amidships. The entry price for the 545/4 is £21,995.

Coachman Pastiche 560/4

Special features for this model are the full length fridge and spacious bathroom. A fixed corner double bed can be cordoned off for extra privacy – and the layout remains very much unchanged, with a front lounge, middle kitchen and full width bathroom at the back. Entry price is £21,995.

Coachman Pastiche 565/4

Fixed twin single beds characterise this final model. To accommodate the beds, the kitchen had to be shortened, but the 565/4 still features that luxuriously large bathroom. With an identical layout, the entry price for the 565/4 is £21,995.

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