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Less is More: the Best Small Caravans On the Market

November 19, 2014

We’ve said it before; caravans are available for everyone. But how much space to you really need? The best small caravans bridge the gap between camping and caravanning, without having to give up the mobility of the former. But the benefits of a small caravan don’t end there. Lighter weight and less air resistance mean lower fuel costs. They can be towed by virtually any car, no matter the size. Don’t believe us? There are even small caravans available that can be pulled by trike – and their clever design means you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

A small caravan can provide plenty of room for the whole family – and there are a ton of options available, meaning there really is something for everyone. So today we’re looking at the leading brands of small caravans and what makes them the minute miracles they are.

Gobur Caravans

Britain’s number one producer of folding caravans earned their stripes by combining clever designs and innovative solutions. Gobur carousel caravans fold out to be as roomy as their conventional touring caravan counterparts. The main difference, however, is the fuel you save because of their low wind resistance – which also make them safer to tow. And when not in use, they take up half of the space of a touring caravan, making them a lot easier to store. Gobur Caravans gives you three categories to choose from, creating a pool of 9 folding caravans to make sure every traveller finds their perfect match.

Teardrop Trailers

Ergonomic and stable, Teardrop Trailers are as close to tenting as you can get. Because of their small size and light weight, they can be towed by virtually any car. These pintsize caravans are incredibly easy to manoeuvre as well – no more complicated reversing by car; simply roll down the third wheel, unhitch, and roll into place by hand. Their ergonomic design make them look funky and smart, while reducing air resistance at the same time. There are three different versions to choose from, including teardrop caravans specifically designed for off-road use.

Eriba caravans

If more conventional small caravans are what you are looking for, Eriba Caravans has you covered. By using technology developed by the aviation industry, they’ve kept their caravans lightweight and compact – without having to compromise on comfort. Their Eriba Nova Light weighs as little as 935kg, making it one of the lightest small caravans out there. The Eriba Touring range bridges the gap between folding caravans and static caravans by having a pop-top roof to increase the headroom when stationary.

Glossop Caravans

For competitive rates and prices on both new and used small caravans, have a look on Glossop Caravans. Their search engine give you plenty of options to search for the small caravan that best suits your needs.

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