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Boss Horseboxes

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Whether it’s for business or pleasure, owning a horse can be an exciting experience, but transporting your steed can prove to be a challenge. While horsebox hire can be a short term solution, owning your own horsebox allows you the freedom to travel around the country at any time – without the worry of arranging suitable transport. Quality rigid horseboxes constructed by companies like Boss Horseboxes provide sturdy and reliable horseboxes to people throughout the UK – without the need to maneuver an awkward trailer setup.

This family-run business understands the importance of transporting your horses in high-quality, reliable horseboxes. When they spotted a gap in the market, the company designed a series of rigid horseboxes to fill it – starting with the Supa-Lite 35 X Boss horsebox, for sale from £19,999. The Boss Horsebox series boasts three models and all can be painted in a colour of your choice. The Supa-Lite 35 X is the smallest model, with the Supa-Lite 35 XS adding an extra 0.52m of length. The Supa-Lite 35 XL is the largest in the range and an impressive 1.06m longer than the 35X – making it ideal for horse owners who require the extra space. This series is constructed entirely from advanced materials – using aluminium and light honeycomb panelling to create strong and lightweight vehicles while eliminating the risk of rot. With their superior design and super lightweight construction, the 3.5 tonne Boss Horseboxes were designed to taking full advantage of 3.5 tonne licensing laws – meaning any horsebox in this series can be driven without the need for a special license.

If you’re looking for luxury, Boss Horseboxes are guaranteed to impress – with high quality materials and well finished driver cabs across the range. The company’s philosophy is evident in their well-built, luxurious designs – they’re committed to quality manufacturing without compromise. With a specialist team of coachbuilders at the helm, from order to collection, a Boss Horsebox could be yours in just 6 weeks. Whatever your price range, Pegasus Finance provide easy access to horsebox loans to suit all horse owners.

At Pegasus Finance, we specialise in horsebox finance to suit any budget. If you need some help finding the funds for your Boss Horsebox, our experienced team of finance specialists can help you find a finance plan that suits your budget. Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore our range of flexible finance options.

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