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Equine Extras: 3 Must-Have Horse Accessories

September 25, 2014

Every horse owner knows their equine companion deserves the absolute best – and at Pegasus Finance, we want to make sure your horse gets the pure, unadulterated royal treatment. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of compiling the ultimate horse owner’s handbook – guaranteed to make sure your horse is kitted out head to hoof with the best equestrian supplies on the market.

Horse Rugs, Horse Boots & Horsebox Finance

Original image by Sara Landvogt

Horse Rugs

Horse rugs are the ideal way for you to give your cob a splash of style and keep them warm during the winter months. And with so many good-looking and wide-ranging options available, there’s no excuse not to find the perfect rug for your horse. With cheap horse rugs available for all weather conditions and in all styles, every horse owners is guaranteed to find an affordable option for their equine buddy.

Robinsons Equestrian offer an amazing range of high quality horse rugs – with an array of patterns and purposes. Starting from under £15, this is the ultimate way to give your horse style and comfort simultaneously. From conservative navy cuts to timeless tartan – and even a cheeky polka dot or two – this is your one stop shop for cheap horse rugs that don’t sacrifice on style or quality.

Horse Boots

Your horse’s health should be your ultimate concern – and the right pair of horse boots allows every owner to be sure their horse is happy, healthy and fully kitted out. From standard travel boots to winter warmers, there are a ton of options out there and it’s essential to make sure you find the perfect pair of boots for your equine companion.

RideAway is a leading provider of equestrian supplies, with all needs well and truly accommodated – from cosy wraps to lightweight fly boots and everything in between. Horse boots aren’t just an accessory – they make sure your horse’s legs are comfortable and protected – so investing in the right pair is everything.

Horseware’s ICE-VIBE boots are fully rechargeable, vibrating boots with the power to improve your horse’s leg circulation. Through cooling and gentle massage therapy, these horse boots can relieve ligament and tendon damage as well as soothe uncomfortable strains.


Transporting your horse can be an ordeal without the necessary equipment. Horseboxes make getting your horse from place to place a relative breeze, with financing options available that mean it doesn’t have to be arduous or expensive. Horsebox finance is our speciality – so if you need an easy and affordable solution to horse transportation, you’re already in the right place.

Horse Rugs, Horse Boots & Horsebox Finance

Original image by Charles01

At Pegasus Finance, we’re experts in horsebox finance – meaning we can help you find financing at an affordable rate and without the hassle. Check out our dedicated horsebox finance page to find out more or if you want to buy a horse of your own, take a look at our horse finance page – try our online loan calculator today for an instant quote.

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