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Does Your Horse Have the Right Insurance?

February 1, 2017

Insuring your horse can sometimes seem daunting. Does the cover include emergency vet fees or third party insurance? And more specifically, is it the right policy for your horse.

A recent court case proves the importance of being full covered with the right insurance. Rachel Miller was sued by her son’s ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh Harris after she was thrown off Millers horse and consequently becoming paralysed. Unfortunately Miller didn’t have the right insurance cover and therefore was personally responsible for the £3m in compensation.Insurance

The Right Insurance

This is dependent on your horse. Most horse owners rely on the third-party liability cover that is included in their household insurance. The problem with this is that it may not cover compensation amounts, if you horse injurers a rider, bystander or even damages someone else’s property.

However there are many specialist horse insurance options that should definitely be considered. These policies are usually tailored to the specific horse and the type of cover you desire. Consider adding extras, including loss by theft or straying, personal accident and dental, saddler and tack as well as your horse trailer. Some policy may already include the above options so check the conditions thoroughly.

May horse owners believe cover from vet fees is essential! A kick injury could cost around £5000, dependant on the severity of the issue. It is import that the welfare of your horse is looked after and you can afford it. Horses can become ill and least if it is covered in your insurance you will always be ready.

The specialist covers aren’t usually found on the price comparison sites so it is always a good idea to shop around before settling for a policy. Cover could cost as little as £15 a year, although the value of your horse, what you use it for and any additional extras you wish to add to the policy will have an effect on this.

Even if I don’t own the horse?

Whether you just hop on a friend’s horse or loan one, insurance cover should still be considered. The policy is known as ‘rider only’ cover and should include personal accident, public liability and dental cover. In addition, riding equipment can also be insured for theft or loss.

Horses at riding schools are generally covered by their own insurance, required by law. But there’s no harm in asking for the school’s insurance certificate before you ride their horse.

Animal Friends, British Horse Society, Petplan and KBIS are some of the biggest horse insurance companies, but don’t forget to look around. Consider the price as well as the policy details.

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