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Hobby Caravans: Which One's Right for You?

January 5, 2015

Today Hobby Caravans is the largest producer of caravans in the world and has a firm grip on a colossal 25 percent of the European caravan market. Needless to say, Hobby Caravans got where they are by building quality caravans in a wide range of models to suit the needs of any caravanner. But their wide range of caravans can be a bit daunting – so in today’s article, we’ll give you a quick run-down of the different models.

Hobby De Luxe and De Luxe Easy

Your entry point into the Hobby Caravan world is the Hobby De Luxe Easy. This compact caravan and its slightly bigger brother the De Luxe are aimed primarily at families. A cosy home away from home, these small caravans can be pulled by virtually any car and are the most economically priced in the Hobby range. The 16 different layouts for the De Luxe include five completely different children’s bed set-ups – so no matter what your family situation, you can find a De Luxe that suits your family.

Hobby Excellent

Next up is the Hobby Excellent, a compact caravan aimed primarily at couples. Its twelve layouts are geared toward space and luxury for two people, although you can get more than two berths in these as well.

Hobby Prestige

The Hobby Prestige is a slightly larger twin axel caravan, although a few single axel models are available too. Their different models are aimed either at families or couples, and are on the larger side of the compact caravan spectrum.

Hobby Premium

At the end of the single axle Hobby Caravans range, we have the lavish and luxurious Hobby Premium. It comes with all the luxuries available to new Hobby caravans, including electronic entertainment, luxury furnishings and top quality materials, as well as 12 different layouts aimed either at couples or families.

Hobby Landhaus

At the end of the Hobby Caravans range, we find the twin axel only Hobby Landhaus. This massive caravan has only two layouts and will need a strong car to pull it. It does, however, offer you the same amount of space and luxury as you’d expect from a holiday home.

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