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Expert Explorers: Jenny & Ewout's Grand Adventures

June 16, 2014

This week, the team at Pegasus Finance were lucky enough to interview Jenny and Ewout, a couple adventuring around Europe as we speak. The pair’s blog documents their exciting European travels, complete with unique anecdotes and motorhoming knowledge acquired on the road – and we couldn’t wait to find out more about the seasoned travellers. We’ve tapped into Jenny and Ewout’s wealth of travel experience to find their essential travel tips, and what they’ve learned along the way. Let’s get down to it.

Pegasus Finance Expert Explorers: Jenny and Ewout

What makes motorhoming your ideal holiday?

Our motorhome is our house on wheels – all we need is contained in a box that travels the road. It’s our transportation which can take us to any place that has a road and it’s up to us where we go. If we like a place, we stay – if we don’t, we move on. We are not dictated to by schedules, timetables or itineraries and have the freedom to be flexible and travel where our heart desires. We unpack our suitcases once and don’t have to lug them into hotel rooms, buses or trains.

In our kitchen, we prepare our meals, refreshments and snacks with the opportunity to buy the local produce from markets or supermarkets. This leaves us with the decision to eat out or in, and when it suits us. We don’t have to stop and buy a coffee as we can make it on board, but we have the option to go to a coffee shop if we desire – the choices are always ours.

Our living area is where we can relax, read, listen to music, and watch a movie. It becomes a cosy place to sit when the weather becomes inclement. The dining room table becomes our office to blog, email, Skype and sort through photos of places and people we have encountered on our travels.

Our bathroom enables us to wash off the dust from our days exploring, and our toilet enables us to be free of searching out public toilets which can be few and far between. Our beds are comfortable and are always ready for us to sleep after a busy day of driving or sightseeing.

We can sit outside where we can entertain with friends, have a drink and nibbles on our rickety table, sitting on folding chairs and share tales of travel and plans for the future, where the scenery regularly changes. Our motorhome provides the opportunity to see places and experience the world that most other people can only dream about.

What intrigues you so much about Europe?

We come from a country that has a very short settled history and, although it has beautiful and varied landscapes, our language and culture is pretty much the same all over. Europe is the same size as Australia, but you can travel short distances and see very different cultures.

Thousands of years of history that still stand and fascinate travellers stand side by side with modern cultures and it is easily accessible to us. We have many migrants from Europe in our country and we find it interesting to see where they have come from and get an understanding of what they have brought with them that has enriched our homeland.

What region of Europe is your favourite?

Asking what parts are our favourite is a bit like asking a mother which of her children is her favourite. Every area is different and interesting in its own way, and mostly it is the people and experiences which make a place more enjoyable.

If we are to make choices, our top 5 places in Europe would be:

  • Turkey; the ever changing landscape, exotic buildings and culture fascinated us – and we found the people to be very friendly and welcoming. 
  • France; the easiest place to travel with a motorhome with excellent roads, interesting small towns and facilities for motorhomers everywhere.
  • Croatia; we travelled there out of season and enjoyed the small towns and the coastline, which is stunning and had great beaches. 
  • Slovenia; an undiscovered gem with breathtaking scenery and friendly people. 
  • Hungary, and indeed Eastern Europe, is more relaxed, with an easy-going culture and the pace of life seems to be slower.

Expert Explorers: Jenny & Ewout. Smolari Waterfall, Macedonia

As motorhome veterans, what are your top tips for people new to it?

Try not to panic. Easy to say but not always to do.

Do some planning – the internet has some great sites and there are lots of others who have gone before you. Things don’t always work out how you plan, but think of it as an opportunity to experience something different. We have often gone off course by accident and stumbled on an unexpected gem. There are no rights or wrongs and, if you have the time, spend it seeking out the back roads – the small places that the usual tourists don’t get to see and experience. It’s not always pretty but it’s real.

There are many preconceived ideas about other people and countries – we have had people warn us or say “isn’t that dangerous?”, but so far we have never had a bad experience in these places. We have decided that there are good and bad people everywhere and it really is the luck of the draw. Take the usual precautions with your security and safety, but don’t let fear ruin your experience.

Try not to put your expectations on to others. Travelling is about seeking the new and finding out about how others live and experience life. We of course want what we are used to, but it’s good to try new things and find out more about the culture you have found yourself in.

Be open to other people. Many motorhomers wave at each other as they tootle along the roadway, but as soon as they stop, they seem to forget to be friendly to the other people around them. It may be that they are embarrassed about not speaking the same language, or there are old cultural rivalries still held onto. There are a lot of people out there travelling that love to have a chat and may need a break from talking only to their spouse. Haha.

Enjoy the ride – motorhoming is just as much about the journey as the destination. Stop, smell the flowers, buy the gelato, look over the market stalls. You never know what you might find.


If you fancy becoming a motorhome explorer in your own right, Pegasus Finance can help. We’re specialists in motorhome finance, and we work with lenders to find you the best deal around. Already got a price in mind? Not a problem – try out our handy motorhome loan calculator to see how much you could save.

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