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World Debut of De Tomaso P72 at Goodwood Festival of Speed

July 4, 2019

Few classic names in the world of automobiles inspire such admiration as the Italian car manufacturer De Tomaso, and today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the name has caused a huge stir once again.

The trademark ‘De Tomaso’ was purchased by Norman Choi (the creator of the amazing Apollo Intensa Emozione) in 2014, and since then a top secret operation has been developing the all new De Tomaso P72, previously only know as #DTPROJECT.

World debut De Tomaso P72

Coming on the heels of the iconic brand’s 60th anniversary, the De Tomaso P72 takes inspiration from a collaboration between Alejandro De Tomaso, Carroll Shelby, and Peter Brock. In 1964, the three “conspired to build a car they felt could defeat the best in the world,” according to Brock. The end result was the De Tomaso P70, a prototype race car with a De Tomaso chassis, a Shelby-built 289 cubic-inch Cobra V-8, and a tear-drop exterior penned by Brock himself.

World debut De Tomaso P72According to Choi, “We digested, we read, we studied. We learned more and more about Alejandro De Tomaso and the incredible achievements that he had attained. In reality, when most people hear the word De Tomaso, the only thing that comes to mind is the Pantera. This is a true icon and the most successful car of the brand. However, our approach is not solely product driven, it is driven by history and the brand.” As such, the Pantera nameplate that was thought to be returning is still in the ether and the P72 was birthed from Choi and company’s other project, the Apollo Intensa Emozione. But an Intensa Emozione clone, it very much is not.

World debut De Tomaso P72

There are similarities, however, as the new P72 is built around the same carbon fibre monocoque that’s been worked over by the hands of HWA AG, the same outfit that produced Mercedes-Benz’s CLK-GTR road and race cars. Technical details like the engine and transmission pattern have yet to be disclosed, but De Tomaso assures that those are coming in the very near future and we’ll be absolutely head over heels when we get those features. What we do know is that only 72 cars will be produced and each will feature a price tag of €750,000.

World debut De Tomaso P72 World debut De Tomaso P72 World debut De Tomaso P72 World debut De Tomaso P72

Ahead of the De Tomaso P72’s debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, De Tomaso’s General Manager and CMO Ryan Berris, said, “In a similar way the Pantera created a new category when it debuted in 1970, the P72 will create a new benchmark of its own. We have created a modern-day time machine that pays homage to an integral part of history and a car with its own provenance. When the final specifications and pricing for the car is revealed, people will realize how it adheres to the six core foundational pillars of De Tomaso: Heritage, Passion, Racing, European Design, and WorldClass Performance at Extreme Value.”

World-debut-De-Tomaso-P72 World-debut-De-Tomaso-P72 World-debut-De-Tomaso-P72 World-debut-De-Tomaso-P72

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