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Coming Soon: Driverless Motorhomes

December 13, 2016

HymerThe local government of Ontario, Canada have approved three companies to test their autonomous vehicles on the public roads.

Being the hub of the van and car industry in Canada, it seemed to be the perfect place for testing to start!

The University of Waterloo, Blackberry QNX and the motorhome manufacturer Erwin Hymer Group will all be testing their latest driveless technology.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van will be used for the Edwin Hymer Group testing- this van is the base vehicle for a number of their panel van conversions.

The Hymer vans will be connected to the internet, where visual sensors, radar and sonar will scan the surroundings in order to operate without a driver. But will this take away from the fun of a long journey with the family?

When the vehicles are developed they are expected to be able to deal with traffic, varying road conditions and people. Eventually the driverless vans and cars are aiming to be able to communicate with one another, to ensure safe driving distances are kept between all vehicles on the roads.

Director of Engineering for the Erwin Hymer Group, Joel Adams has commented “The age of the driver is over. The age of the passenger is beginning.”

With technology ever developing, these driverless cars, vans and motorhomes will be on our road before we know it.

If you are anything like me- the only things worse than long journeys is being a passenger and not having anything to do.

But would you prefer to drive or be a passenger behind the wheel?

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