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I found your website and was interested to see that you could possibly finance a horse for us. I didn’t realise that this was available in the UK so I wanted to find out a bit more and maybe get a quote from you. My husband and I have found an 11 year old mare for sale which we found through the horse and hound website, she is 16 hands tall and is an experienced dressage horse. The asking price is £19500 and is for sale privately. (can the horse be bought privately?) We would like a quote for horse finance for the full amount over the longest term available which looking at your website is 5 years? Can I settle horse finance early if I want to and is there any penalty if I do? Do you charge any fees for arranging this? Look forward to hearing from you. Mrs R Compton



Hi Mrs Compton and thanks for your email requesting some more information about horse finance.

Yes horse finance is finally available in the UK and we believe we are unique in offering this service.

Yes you can buy the horse from a private seller and there are no fees that we charge for arranging this for you.

Depending on the Lender, there may be a couple of months interest charge for settling early but there is no penalty charge. Most lenders now will also allow you to make part repayments so if you find you have a couple of thousand spare you can give it to them and they will either reduce the payment or the outstanding term.

The actual loan repayments and interest rate will depend on you and your credit history but if you would like to call me on 0800 066 2882 I can discuss this with you and give you a rough idea or you can complete our online application and we will call you once we have completed our checks.

I hope this answers all of your questions so far and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Robert.


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