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Cheap Motorhomes: Touring On a Shoestring

November 13, 2014

The budget travel movement has been on the rise for years now and shows no sign of stopping – with economical adventurers looking for nifty new ways of hitting their dream destinations at minimal cost. With more and more travellers strapping on a backpack and touring on a shoestring, there’s no longer any reason that seeing the world should cost the Earth. Cheap motorhomes in particular offer all the freedom of going backpacking, but with all the comforts of home. Road trips are the new hotel stays – and the best motorhomes offer adventure at a fraction of the cost of those expensive hotel rooms.

Affordable adventures

Motorhomes offer one of the most budget friendly ways of going on holidays. Offering both accommodation and transportation, you’re in control of your budget, your route and your agenda. Forget missed connections or lost luggage – a motorhome provides total flexibility in every aspect. Don’t like a location? Weather turned sour? Just pack up and move on.

Cheap maintenance

There’s still a misconception that motorhomes are expensive to maintain – but this hasn’t been the case for years. In today’s travel world, the best motorhomes have seriously economical engines and boast very low running costs –better yet, you can even find new and even second hand motorhomes that use solar panels to cut the costs even more and do your part for the environment in the process. Be sure to consider the type and size of motorhome that best suits you – after all, a vacationing couple needs much less room to themselves than a family of four. What’s more smaller motorhomes are invariably cheaper than the larger alternatives.

Economical eats

Your food budget is yet another opportunity to save money while on your travels. Cooking your own meals is a lot cheaper than having to fork out a lot of money on expensive restaurants – and as a shoestring traveller, you’ll find yourself constantly gravitating towards the cheapest possible option. Generally speaking, cheaper food tends to be less healthy, with many travellers coming back a few pounds heavier than when they left – but if you’re in charge of your own cooking, you can be as healthy as you want and guarantee you eat something you love every day.

Affordable, flexible and environmentally friendly, it’s no surprise cheap motorhomes are seeing such immense popularity in the travel sphere. If you’d like to travel on a shoestring but don’t have the funds for a new or second hand motorhome, Pegasus Finance can help. We’re experts in motorhome finance and our small dedicated team can help you find the best motorhome for your needs and budget. Already found the motorhome you want? Try our online loan calculator today for an instant quote.

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