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Porsche 935 Moby Dick

Porsche 935 ‘Moby Dick’ Lives Again

28 September, 2018

Porsche Motorsports department are celebrating 70 years with this stunning homage to the famous 935 ‘Moby Dick’. Revealed at Rennsport Reunion, the new 935 racer derived from the 911 GT2 RS, isn’t homologated for championship racing, rather the 77 examples are […]

Hexagon Modern Classics

The Coolest Classic Car Dealer in London

3 May, 2018

We came across this amazingly interesting video with Henry Catchpole walking around Hexagon Modern Classics in north London. Take ten minutes out of your day to see amazing cars and hear extraordinary commentary by Paul Michaels, chairman of Hexagon Classic.

horse riding

5 Ways Horse Riding Improves Your Life

6 February, 2017

Owning a horse can do so many things for our lives, from uplifting our spirits to teaching us trust and courage, especially in youngsters. We have 5 great ways that owning a horse could improve your life. Exercise The most […]


Does Your Horse Have the Right Insurance?

1 February, 2017

Insuring your horse can sometimes seem daunting. Does the cover include emergency vet fees or third party insurance? And more specifically, is it the right policy for your horse. A recent court case proves the importance of being full covered with […]


Amazing Horsebox Conversions

27 January, 2017

Horseboxes are becoming increasingly popular for conversion. Creating quirky spaces to revamp and design to something completely different. We’ve all heard of renovating horseboxes into living spaces and coffee bars but how about a gin bar or soup kitchen? Portable […]


Hymer Celebrate 60th Anniversary with Brand New Motorhomes

16 January, 2017

Hymer are celebrating their 60th anniversary with two very special ’60 edition’ version of their ML-I and ML-T 570 motorhomes. Both completed will a full jubilee package. Sitting on a 3500kg chassis, the new and exclusive Hymermobiles come with a […]


A Total of 14 Equestrians to Recieve New Year’s Honours

10 January, 2017

A total of 14 recognised equestrians are on the New Year’s honours list. With dressage dominating as four riders are nominated for their services to equestrianism. Including the most successful all time Para-equestrian Lee Pearson. So far he has won […]


Amazing Campervan Conversion Ideas

4 January, 2017

If you’ve not found the perfect motorhome or caravan, a van conversion may be just the thing for you! It can be a Volkswagen, a Mercedes Benz or even a Ford. As long as it has a long wheelbase and […]


Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Horse Owners

21 December, 2016

Every horse owners knows that Christmas will bring presents that are either for their horse, or for them to wear whilst mucking or caring for their horse.  This Christmas we are helping you out with our last minute gift guide […]


Coming Soon: Driverless Motorhomes

13 December, 2016

The local government of Ontario, Canada have approved three companies to test their autonomous vehicles on the public roads. Being the hub of the van and car industry in Canada, it seemed to be the perfect place for testing to […]