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Caravanning Essentials: The Holiday Checklist

May 15, 2014

So you’re about to take your new caravan out on its first trip, but not sure what you need to take with you? We’ve got you covered, our handy check-list gives you all the equipment you’ll need for a successful trip (and some ‘just in-case’ tools you’ll hopefully never need!).

caravan essentials

Kitchen Essentials

Camping and caravanning shops are full of neat little kitchen gadgets, cooking tools and nifty storage solutions. But, before we get carried away with a miniature silver service set, lets get the essentials covered. Stock up on a decent set of Melamine crockery. Don’t be tempted to take china or glassware with you, as it will get broken! Melamine is the perfect material, it’s extremely durable, easy to wash, and is available in some colourful designs. At the very least, you want a dinner plate, bowl, drinking glass and mug for everyone going on the trip, plus one extra set just in-case. If you plan on getting creative in the kitchen, but don’t want to take your entire pantry with you, we recommend decanting a mix of spices and seasonings into small containers. You can even decant sauces like tomato ketchup into travel size bottles – there’s nothing worse than a burnt sausage with no ketchup!


Let’s face it – it’s probably going to rain at some point, but don’t let that put you off the great British camp-site tradition of a BBQ. It’s a great way to make the most of the al-fresco dining opportunity presented by caravanning and provides a great social focus around meal time – not to mention it keeps the kids (husbands) entertained. Not all BBQ’s are equal and you will want to invest in a good quality one, that’s both compact enough for travel, and large enough to cook for everyone. If you’re after a quick fix, disposable BBQs make a great alternative. Otherwise, we recommend a portable gas BBQ. They can be hooked up to your existing gas supply and are much easier to clean as they don’t require messy coals or lighter fluid.

Garden Furniture

You might be over the moon with your caravan’s plush sofa and dining table, but the reality of camping and caravanning is, you’re going to be spending most of your time outside. And so you should, the beauty of caravanning is getting away from being sat in front of the TV and exploring what the British countryside has to offer. A quality set of folding chairs and a folding table is a must. Don’t be tempted by backless stools or cheap folding picnic tables – your back will thank us later. A decent set of comfortable garden chairs and a folding table big enough to serve dinner on will serve you well on your caravanning adventures.

Caravan Site

The Bare Essentials Check-list

  • Torch – pretty self explanatory, you don’t want to get caught out at midnight when the gas cannister needs changing in the pitch black.

  • First aid kit – We’re not talking about bringing a mobile operating theatre with you, but bumps and scrapes do happen, especially with kids. We recommend putting together your own first aid kit with essentials like plasters, antiseptic spray, sting and bite cream, and essential medication in a Tupperware box.

  • Toilet chemicals – Use the recommended chemicals for your caravan’s toilet. These chemicals are designed to ensure waste is broken down properly and any odours are kept under control! You need both blue and pink toilet chemicals, pink is for the flush tank, and blue is for the waste tank.

  • Drinking water container – You’ll be making plenty of trips to and from the caravan site water tap. Ensure you get a large and durable, easy to carry, container. You’ll be surprised how much water you get through – so ensure it’s big enough to last.

  • Fire extinguisher – Always be prepared by making sure your caravan has a small fire extinguisher fitted, you can buy these from camping and motoring supply shops. A fire blanket for the kitchen and a working smoke alarm are also a must.

  • Tool kit – ensure you keep essentials like a hammer, gas bottle spanner, spare bulbs, electrical tape and spare batteries in your caravan when on holiday, you never know when you’re going to need them, but you’ll be glad when the time comes.

  • Grey water container – greywater is wastewater from showers and sinks. You aren’t allowed to just let this drain on the pitch. There are containers specifically made to collect this, which fit neatly underneath your caravan, hooking up to your waste outlet. The best grey water containers have wheels making them easy to move when you need to empty them.

  • Electric hook-up – this cable allows you to connect your caravan to your pitch’s electricity supply, we recommend getting the longest cable you can, giving you more flexibility as to where you pitch up for the night.

  • Gas bottle – ensure you take a full bottle and a backup if necessary. Always use the recommended type for your particular caravan. Gas bottles can be purchased at caravanning shops, camp-sites and some petrol stations.

  • A well stocked bar – it’s a holiday after all!

If you’re still thinking about buying a caravan, Pegasus Finance can help. As specialists in caravan financing, we work with dealers and lenders to find you the best finance deal. Already got a price in mind? Try our quick and easy caravan finance calculator for an instant quote. Happy caravanning!

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