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Camping Kit: 8 Essential Caravan Accessories

July 10, 2014

Whether you’re a seasoned caravanner with an irrepressible outdoor itch, or a total newcomer ready to get to grips with the caravanning fundamentals, you’re nothing without the necessary kit. The beauty of going caravanning and getting in touch with the great outdoors is the sense of liberation – but there are certain aspects of civilisation we’d advise you not to leave behind.

Escapism is one thing, and escaping mortal danger is another – but with these life-saving caravan accessories, you can revolutionise your caravanning experience and avoid any wilderness disasters in the process.

8 Essential Static Caravan Accessories

Aqua Rolls

We recommend buying 2x 29 litre aqua rolls, since you’ll be going through a whole lot more water than you’d expect. One roll is definitely more than enough for a shower, but what happens if you or your significant other runs out of water while showering? We know you don’t fancy that wet towel run to the nearest services post – and neither would we – so this is where having two rolls makes all the difference. You also can buy mains water adapters which are absolutely revolutionary, as they mean you don’t actually have to fill the barrel every day – and while you’re at it, another handy tip is to take a hose with you, if you are pitched nearby the services post and the barrel needs refilling.

Electric Hookup

This nifty power solution is the mother of all caravan accessories, allowing you to hook up to your pitch’s electricity supply – so you never have to live without the basic human rights that are light sources and reality TV. We’d recommend buying a longer wire for flexibility – and any resourceful caravanner will benefit from buying a 110AH battery too, just in case. Not all campsites have electric hook-ups, and this will give you the freedom of accessing lovely electricity wherever, whenever.

Wheel Chocks

If protecting your most expensive and treasured possessions is a priority for you, sort your caravan out with some wheel chocks. This fundamental caravan accessory stops your caravan from rolling into the infinite distance and keeps everything contained inside, possessions and loved ones alike, sturdy and safe. This may seem pretty basic and trivial, but the truth is that wheel chocks are a caravanning godsend in the long run, and one no caravan fan should live without.

Folding Chairs & Table

No caravanning experience is complete without a trusty garden set for sunbathing, socialising and serving up your al fresco BBQ – surrounded by the great British outdoors. Caravanning is about breathing in the clean country air and getting to know your natural surroundings, so staying cooped up inside is a deal-breaker – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. And make sure those chairs have cup-holders so you can fall asleep sipping some ice cold afternoon booze under that toasty sun.

Head Torch

Unanticipated nighttime adventures are an inevitable part of the good old-fashioned caravan experience – which means you’re going to need an alternative light source for when the sun goes down. Whether you’re changing the gas cannister or trying to manoeuvre your way to the services post without face-planting a tent peg, two free hands are always better than one – so make sure that your bag of caravan gadgets includes one of these bad boys.

Waste Water Containers

If you’re new to the caravanning scene, there might still be some ropes for you to learn. One thing any fledgling caravanner should know is that it’s illegal to discharge your waste water from your sink or shower onto the grass, laybys or roads. For this reason, we’d recommend that any caravanner gets their hands on some of these containers – they fit right underneath your caravan to hold the dirty water until you can dispose of it at the campsite drain, and help you stay faithful to the all-important caravan code.

First Aid Kit

This one’s a no-brainer. Cuts and scrapes are a natural outcome of adventures in the great outdoors, especially if there are kids involved. Make sure you pack painkillers, bandages, plasters, antiseptic spray and special sprays for those insect bites and mosquito attacks. Even the lovely Lake District is prone to mosquito outbreaks – and it’s always best to be prepared.

Spare Tyres

You wouldn’t go on a long bike ride without a bike puncture kit, and caravans are no different. A tyre puncture has the potential to destroy your caravan experience if you haven’t got a replacement – so do the sensible thing and bring back-ups. You’ll thank us later.

8 Essential Static Caravan Accessories

What you’ll probably find is that the more you travel in your caravan, the more caravan accessories you’ll realise you need – but keeping on top of the finer details is the key to caravanning bliss. If you’re an aspiring caravanner ready to take the plunge or a long-time camper looking for an upgrade, Pegasus Finance can help. We specialise in caravan financing, working with dealers and lenders to find you the best finance deal available.

Already got a price in mind? Try our quick and easy caravan finance calculator for an instant quote.

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Happy caravanning!

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