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Adventures in Europe: 3 Must-See Motorhoming Spots

August 7, 2014

Europe is one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse continents, bursting with a variety of rich cultures and unique aesthetic marvels. Motorhomers in particular stand to gain some awesome travel experiences from giving Europe a go, venture off the beaten track and you’ll find some of the finest examples of natural beauty our planet has to offer.

We know plenty of the gems hiding in Europe’s glorious corners, but we wanted to see what some of the experts have found on their European travels – so we took to Twitter on the hunt for some of the continent’s greatest assets, direct from long-time motorhomers themselves.

Here’s what they gave us.

Biarritz, France

Motorhoming Spots in Europe: Biarritz, France

France is a beautiful country steeped in culture and home to both gorgeous natural landscapes and urban sophistication. Biarritz is one of France’s lesser known gems, 8km west of Bayonne and full to the brim with cultural fixes for those so inclined. And it’s more than adequate in the beauty stakes, thanks to its striking and iconic belle époque architecture.

Here you’ll find a rugged rocky coastline, littered with exceptional museums, including the spectacular art-deco Musée de la Mer – bursting at the seams with glorious underwater life – and the Cité de l’Océan, a science museum complete with cutting-edge technology and even its own theme park. Amateur seafarers will find their bliss in Biarritz, with a world-class surfing scene, as well as several Thalassotherapy (‘sea healing’) centres – where visitors can take a load off and enjoy the cleansing, restorative properties of that seawater. Motorhome Travel in France Motorhome Travel in France

Fort William, Scotland

Motorhoming in Europe: Fort William, Scotland

On the staggering shores of Loch Lynne sits Fort William, one of Scotland’s largely undiscovered beauties – and without doubt one of the most aesthetically excellent. It rains hard at Fort William, but that doesn’t stop it from being recognised as the Outdoor Capital of the UK.

Fort William is ideally situated, wrapped around both Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis, and boasting those unparalleled Scottish highland landscape views. As well as the obvious appeal for avid hikers and travellers, Fort William offers access to Loch Lynne’s salmon farms and seal colonies as well as some impressively located pubs and restaurants. And if you find the time for a ski, there’s always the Nevis Range right on your doorstep. Motorhome Travel in Scotland

Nordkapp, Norway

Motorhoming in Europe: Knivskjellodden, Nordkapp Norway

Nordkapp is one of Norway’s most stunning tourist spots, a location of exceptional beauty and a natural Northern Lights observatory when the time is right. Knivskjellodden lies here, world renowned as the northernmost spot on the continent.

Nordkapp is home to Europe’s true most northern point, Knivskjellodden, which lies at the end of a long, thin peninsula by the sea. This natural phenomenon is a sweeping scape of water and rocks where visitors will find more reindeer than they will people – a detail which we think sells the destination single-handedly. The North Cape is a challenging climb for the inexperienced traveller, with steep ascents and temperamental weather conditions – but Knivskjellodden’s glimmering, rocky sunset makes for a meeting of sea and sky that no tired traveller couldn’t love. Motorhome Travel in Norway Motorhome Travel in Norway

Happy travels!

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