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6 Essential Apps for the Great Outdoors

July 29, 2016

Whether you’re a camping enthusiast or just want to be prepared in case you find yourself stranded in the wilderness, technology might not be the first thing to pop into your mind when going off the grid. While maps and compasses certainly come in handy, without the knowledge to navigate and the necessary survival skills to hand, you could find yourself left out in the cold.

Outdoor apps

Today, we’re bringing you a breakdown of the best mobile apps to face the great outdoors. From identifying the best local camping spots and campfire recipes to learning CPR and finding your way when lost in the wilderness, there’s an app for everything – and you’ll find all of our favourite mobile essentials right here.

OutDoors GPS

This offline navigation app is favoured by hikers across the UK, thanks to its signal-free features. While dedicated GPS devices are available, OutDoors GPS provides the same capability on your smartphone at a fraction of the price. By downloading regional Ordnance Survey maps, you’ll have high quality and detailed maps to hand regardless of your internet connection. And with thousands of pre-programmed routes available, as well as the ability to create and map out your own, you’re guaranteed to find your way in the wilderness.

Free to download for iOS and Android, with regional maps starting at £7.99.


While not a survival necessity, Pitchup is certainly a handy app – especially for enthusiastic campers. This app allows you to find and book a campsite with ease, with reviews of each site allowing you to quickly filter out the good from the bad. With over 1,400 campsites across Europe on its books, you’ll never be stuck for a place to pitch up come sundown.

Free for iOS and Android.

SAS Survival Guide

The big daddy of survival apps, the SAS Survival Guide is available in both ‘lite’ and full versions – the former being offered as a free download in the iOS store. Within this app, you’ll find an eBook version of the world-famous survival guide – including tips on building fires, sourcing clean driving water and even navigating by the stars. It’s the ultimate app for any outdoor enthusiast and well worth having on your phone.

Lite version available for free on iOS – full version £4.49 for iOS or £4.78 for Android.


First aid by British Red Cross

The British Red Cross are the leading authority on first aid advice, and this handy free app should be on everyone’s phone – especially those who regularly push themselves to the limit outdoors. This app can transform anyone capable of using a smartphone into a competent first aider – allowing you to refresh your knowledge or work out the best course of action in an emergency situation. From step-by-step CPR to burn treatment basics, everything is contained within the app – so you don’t need an internet connection to access it in an emergency. The app even includes training videos and quizzes so that you and your friends can learn the essentials and test your knowledge.

Free for iOS and Android.

Classic Camping Cookbook

Planning meals on the campsite can be a challenge, especially if you’re catering to a larger group. With limited equipment and ingredients, you’ll often need to get creative to avoid eating pre-packaged meals for the duration of your trip. This handy app by Coleman allows users to search for campsite-friendly recipes by ingredients, meal type or available equipment – so whether you’re lacking pots or potatoes, you should be able to find something delicious to cook. The app even includes a meal planner, so you can work out what to pack in advance!

Free for iOS.

Help Me – SOS International

While it’s not hugely likely you’ll ever encounter an emergency situation, it’s better to be safe than sorry. From rugged terrain to directing emergency services to your location, getting into trouble in the wilderness can prove challenging. This essential app instantly connects you to local emergency services in over 200 countries around the world. Utilising geolocation data, it can even provide coordinates or the nearest address to relay to rescuers – as well as sending an SMS to your ‘in case of emergency’ contact upon use – meaning you can spend more time focusing on staying safe while you await rescue.

Free for iOS and Android.

If you do spent a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s weekends on the campsite or days spent hiking mountain trails, you’ll be familiar with the biggest technology gripe – a dead battery. It’s worth investing in a backup battery pack or even a solar phone charger if you’re serious about staying connected.

There you have it – 6 apps to keep you connected, informed and safe – so you can face the great outdoors with the knowledge that anything and everything you could possibly need to know is available at the touch of a button.

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