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5 Ways Horse Riding Improves Your Life

February 6, 2017

Owning a horse can do so many things for our lives, from uplifting our spirits to teaching us trust and courage, especially in youngsters. We have 5 great ways that owning a horse could improve your riding


The most obvious of all and it keeps all the horse riders among us fit. Horse riding is a form of isometric exercise as it uses specific muscles in order to stay on top of the horse and in a comfortable position. It’s not just riding though, grooming, mucking, feeding and raking are all demanding activities.


Going to the stables stressed? Don’t worry your horse will soon sort that out. Exercise and spending time with animals is proven to uplift your spirits, by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. So it could be your way to relieve all the pressures and come home happy.

Vital Life Sills

Horse riding is known to better individual life skills, including decision making, communications, goal setting, quick thinking and problem solving. It is also great for character building. Horses can be large and are often deemed to be intimidating. Riding teaches patience, discipline and confidence to be able to control the horse.

Social Life

Meeting new people around the yard with the same horse passion and similar interests instantly blooms a strong bond. Soon you’ll be galloping across the fields or trotting down the country tracks together.

Best Friends

Lastly yours horse is your best friend. You can tell them all about your day or your secrets and they are guaranteed to not tell anyone. From horse riding to braiding and grooming them, every owner knows how strong their bond is.

Do you own a horse; we would love to hear how your horse improves your life?

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