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10 Spectacular Holiday Hacks

July 28, 2014

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that going on holiday is one of life’s sweetest treats – you’re travelling to the land of sun, sea and sand, but it’s tricky to get prepared for any eventuality! Holiday nightmares can and do happen – you could ruin your favourite clothes, lose sentimental items, run out of money or even get lost without any signal. But thankfully, after scouring the earth (or rather, the internet), we’ve found you 10 spectacular travel tips and tricks guaranteed to revolutionise your next holiday – and all holidays that follow.



1. Google Maps Offline Hack

If you’re going to need a map of your destination but can’t guarantee you’ll have 3G access when the time comes, you’ll be amazed to hear that you can use Google Maps while you’re offline to avoid any nasty complications. If you suspect you won’t have signal later, simply open the app and search for the area that you want to cache – then tap the search bar and type in ‘‘OK maps’’. You’ll then be dropped back at the ‘maps view’, but with a notification that the area was copied (cached). Even when you’re offline, you’ll still be able to zoom in on the same area on the map. Lost on a trail with no way getting back to your motorhome? No service on your phone? In a new town and don’t know your way round? Now these problems are a thing of the distant past.


2. Foursquare WiFi Password Hack

If you’re running low on internet data and want to avoid data roaming charges, you can privately access WiFi passwords on Foursquare. You don’t need to comment or check in – just have a good old-fashioned eavesdrop, as many restaurants, cafés and bars will have the WiFi passwords published in the comments of FourSquare. Have a nosey – you’ve got nothing to lose!


3. Virtual Tourist (Free App)

With its 1.3 million members and tips on over 72,000 destinations, this free app is all about the people behind the places! It features thousands of travel guides for locations from all across the globe and provides you with travel advice, reviews and online forums so that you can be thrifty and well-prepared wherever you go! Register as a ‘member’ to use the website’s services at no charge. This app will revolutionise your adventures on the road, since you’ll know in advance where to go and where to avoid!


4. Viator (Free App)

This mega cool app informs and connects you with sights, tours and activities in the city you’re visiting. You mightn’t even know about that cheap tour or free activity up for grabs, but Viator definitely does. You can book your trips and activities (even last minute) using this app, and your ticket is viewable and scannable through the Viator in-app – no more rushing around searching for a printer! As a bigger bonus, you can view their videos of fun activities to see exactly what you have in store! Get on it.


5. Self-Drive Safari

Ditch those safari guides and do it yourself for free! You can take your motorhome or caravan through a park, give yourself the guided tour and save a lot of cash with this holiday hack. This way, you can see the wildlife from the comfort of your ‘home’ with no pesky time restrictions. How many people can say that?


6. Shower Caps

When you’re embarking upon the adventure of a lifetime, it’s inevitable that your shoes will get a bit grubby! You definitely don’t want your caravan’s floor or shoe storage space to get mucky, so our top tip is to use shower caps! Simply insert any dirty pair of shoes that you’ve got into an old shower cap which will cover the bottom of your shoes. This delightfully odd life hack proves that there really is beauty in the mundane.


7. Pen Springs

When travelling around with your motorhome, you’ll want to have your phone sufficiently charged at all times (especially if you’re going to exploit Google Maps in offline mode). It’s a nightmare when phone chargers break – but luckily, we’ve got a trick that’ll stop that from happening, and the answer is pen springs. These little beauties protect your chargers from breaking and even prevent bending. How about that?


8. Take a Selfie

Yes, we’re serious. If you lose your camera while travelling, how else are you going to prove that the camera with all your precious holiday snaps on is yours if you need to claim it from the lost and found? So pick up that camera and flash those pearly whites so you can prove your identity and reclaim your worldly possessions.


9. Roll Your Clothes

When packing to hit the road in your motorhome, you can’t possibly bring your entire wardrobe with you. So we’ve come up with a neat little trick to fit more clothes into your suitcase – roll your clothes instead of folding them. It saves a ton of space AND prevents creases – so you can leave the iron at home now, folks!


10.  Call Your Card Company

If you’re taking your motorhome overseas, it might be worth giving your credit/debit card company a ring before you go travelling to make sure your card is authorised for vacation purposes. If not, you might find that you run out of spending money and can’t access your fallback funds – not ideal. But this way, it’s just one quick call and you’re sorted.


If you’re ready to kickstart your motorhome adventures but need the wheels for the job, Pegasus Finance can help. We’re experts in motorhome finance and we can get this show on the road whatever your budget. Check out our motorhome finance calculator to find your rate. And if you want tasty travel features and motorhoming tips sent directly to your inbox, we can sort that out for you too. Subscribe below and all of this could be yours. What are you waiting for?

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